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A little something I wrote
Okay I was being bothered, (in my head) to write this. So much so I couldn't focus on my projects. So here it is. What do you think? Please be kind, it's been a long time since I wrote a poem.
Last Thoughts

I lie here and stare at the ceiling,
Too tired to move, I guess,
Am I awake or dreaming?
I guess dreaming as faces appear.

My mother's face, blurry and she looks
down at me. Has she been crying?
She smooths my hair and tells me to
rest now and kisses my forehead.

My sister looks at me, she looks strained.
Rest now, I love you.
Have I been in an accident?
What a muddled dream.

And now quiet. The ceiling needs painting.
I smell flowers.
I hear a man's voice, but can't make out what he says.
Music. Ha! That's my favorite song.

I hear shuffling, I still can't seem to move.
I try to turn my head to see. I can't.
A man in a suit appears.
And he closes the lid for the final goodbye with
a resounding, Click!


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